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QLD Compliance Solutions specializes in Fire, Electrical and WH+S compliance for building owners and tenants.

As we are qualified, licenced and experienced in all elements of building compliance, QLD Compliance solutions becomes your one point of call for all of the mandated compliance requirements of both owners and tenants.
Having a single contractor to look after fire, electrical and WH+S compliance is a cost effective way to remain compliant.
Additionally, we are also able to conduct the requisite

  • Fire drills

  • Smoke alarm testing

  • Practical fire training

  • Testing of safety switches

  • Microwave radiation leakage testing

  • Thermoscanning of switchboards as required

Industrial Risk and Compliance

Employers and managers across all industries are confronted with an ever-broadening range of obligations relating to design, management and operation of worksites.

Working with QLD Compliance Solutions, you can effectively identify, assess and manage WH&S related risks in areas such as construction, compliance, contractor management,traffic management and public liability.

QLD Compliance Solutions conduct workplace risk assessments and establish effective management programs in order to mitigate the risk of exposure for workers and visitors to the property. These services identify hazards across the site including potential public liability issues, as well as providing an overview of compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, and Australian and New Zealand Standards.

All compliance activities are backed up with extensive reporting.

Contact QLD Compliance Solutions today to save money on the compliance requirements of your building or tenancy and do away with the hassle of having to use multiple contractors.
We specialise in multiple site projects.