Emergency Exit Lightning Inspection and Testing

Take the worry out of your business’s WH+S Compliance

In a building fire or other emergency, often the first thing to be affected is the mains power to the building.  The last place you want to be in a building emergency – is inside that building.  Without lighting, and with the potential for smoke Exit and Emergency lighting becomes critical.  These systems have their own source of battery power and come on automatically, when the mains power fails.

Queensland Compliance Solutions carry out the mandated tests and repairs on your Emergency Exit Lightning systems. So that you can ensure your business is secure and fully compliant with AS/NZS 2293:2005 Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings at all times.

The confidence to pass any regulatory inspection or work health safety audit.

This regulation requires that all emergency and exit light fittings be maintained and subjected to a thorough inspection every six months. The 90 minute discharge test is to ensure that in the event of an emergency, your exit lighting fixtures will be functional and allow all occupants to exit to safety.

Should any items fail our testing, QCS technicians are qualified to make any necessary repairs. Our electricians carry LED fittings that offer a significantly longer life span and more effective lighting than traditional fluorescent fittings.

All compliance testing is thoroughly documented and a report is supplied at no charge.