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The holiday season is already here. The last two months of the year means a lot of things for business owners and their employees. For business owners they are thinking of making sure all products or services are completed before the business took a break and for workers this means a holiday off. But what we don’t know is that many fatalities and injuries occur on this festive season, Holiday Season Workplace Safety should be observed, some reasons are because many business owners are rushing to deliver the goods and services and many workers are working more than they should be.

It’s the time of the year!

According to WorkCover Queensland Customer Services Manager Barbara Martin “”People rush to get everything done before Christmas. But after a busy year they’re often already wear out and can easily lose concentration, which leads to mistakes and injuries,”

Preventable injuries like falling in a ladder, trips and slips are the common injuries they record. People tend to have the vacation mode while in a rush that’s why they are not concentrated to work and injuries or fatalities occur.

Tips for Holiday Season Workplace Safety

While deciding how to decorate your office for the holiday season, it’s significant to be watchful of possible safety threats. The same safety thoughts that relate to seasonal home decorations at home also apply in the workplace.

Fire Safety Attentions for Holiday Decor

Be watchful of possible fire hazards when choosing holiday decorations and determining where to place them. Make sensible choices about the types of holiday illuminations you use. Do not use any kind of decoration in your office that has an open blaze.

If your Christmas tree is metallic, do not put any types of lights on it at all. It’s also vital to make sure that you use holiday lights correctly. Never put staples or nails through threads of lights, power strings, or extension strings. Do not attach too many elements of lights together. If you decorate outside of your office, confirm that any lights you use are valued for exterior use. Make sure all lightened items are turned off when the office is shut so there’s no danger of a fire breaking out when the building is unattended.

It’s an upright idea to put one person in charge of this task, so there’s no misconception regarding whether or not the lights need to be checked at the end of each workday. Before starting to decorate office, it’s a good impression to verify that all of your Holiday Season Workplace Safety. Make sure that your smoke sensors are working, and confirm that the fire extinguishers are fully charge and easily available. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing this several times each year, and it makes sense to use the event of decorating for the holidays as a notice to check out your fire safety equipment.

OSHA Compliance and Holiday Season Workplace Safety

Keep all applicable OSHA in mind when determining how to decorate your workplace for the holiday. Deprived of proper preparation, holiday decorations can result in hazardous tripping threats. Think sensibly before using extension strings to connect lights or to lighten other types of decorations. Do not place any kind of decorative materials in exit passages.

If you will be holding an office holiday gathering where alcohol will be serve. it’s vital to make transport preparations for guests who should not drive. This is true whether the gathering is held at your place of business, in someone’s home, at a restaurant, or at any other location. This is important to keep colleagues and other visitors protected from drinking and driving.

Keep Your Workplace Safe During the HolidaysHoliday Season Workplace Safety

By ensuing a few modest safety tips, it’s easy to enjoy cheerful holiday decorations and events at without any damage or harm to property. When preparing to relish the holiday season, simply add workplace holiday safety insurances into the planning. You’ll be on your way to a holiday season which will be both pleasant and safe.

This year we can prevent more injuries by reminding the workers of the company rules during the holiday season. Business owners also has the responsibility to make sure Holiday Season Workplace Safety accordance to WHS law.

Happy Holidays and be safe!!

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