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The Running Man – Work Safe Australia

The Running Man Effective January 2016, Standards Australia has implemented new building regulations for emergency exit lightning. On the new regulation it is a requirement to include installation of a new test switch when an existing emergency/exit light is being repaired by an electrician, this is in accordance to AS2293.1 AS 2293 Emergency Lightning for Buildings Part […]

Swicker’s Factory Fire

What should we learn from the Swickers Factory Fire? November 6, 2016 at 7:45 am the iconic bacon factory Swickers in Kingaroy, Queensland blazed on fire. Sunday morning black smoke is seen coming out of the factory, emergency services we’re called and police advised resident to stay inside their homes and close their windows to avoid […]

Do not buy these Halloween toys for kids

As the Halloween is approaching soon it will be pumpkin carving, costume parties and family gatherings. For Adults and mostly for kids their love for Halloween cannot be manifested in words. Probably it’s one of the best time of the year. All the neighborhood kids will be dresses as fire fighters, astronauts and kids most […]

Holiday Season Workplace Safety, Be Safe this Holiday Season

The holiday season is already here. The last two months of the year means a lot of things for business owners and their employees. For business owners they are thinking of making sure all products or services are completed before the business took a break and for workers this means a holiday off. But what […]

Electrical Safety at Work

Machines and other equipment’s run by electricity can be hazardous if not properly maintained. Electrical hazards can cause electrical burns and shocks might also be a cause of death. Electrical Safety at Work is very important for any company for everyone’s safety. You have to be proactive in managing all electrical risks on your workplace […]

Holiday season safety, Be safe!

Mostly holiday season starts from late November to mid-January when parties are scheduled. Families get together and travel plans sound everywhere. Some basic precautions should be considerable to ensure the Holiday season safety of your family and wishing injury free holiday season is dream of every one.  As holiday season is approaching soon, our wishes for […]

Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is an integral part of our lives, which many of us today could not imagine living without. Electrical Safety Tips and guides should also be kept in mind while using electricity. Powering our appliances and providing our lighting, heating and cooling, electricity is so important in our daily lives that it’s easy to forget […]

Work Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities in Australia 2015 Report Released

Safe Work Australia released the Work Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities in Australia 2015 Report. The report in general comprise of the percentage of the injuries and fatalities in workplace. Injuries at work resulted in the deaths of 195 workers in 2015. The fatality rate is 1.6 fatalities per 100,000 workers, the 2015 report shows that the […]

Electrical Safety Standard

AS/NZS 3760:2010 specifies the generally observed safety inspection and maintenance standards for Australia. This includes the safety inspection testing and tagging of single and polyphase (240v – 415v) portable electrical equipment, and, machinery connected to supply by flexible cord which is currently in-service, returning to service, available for re-sale or hire. Inspection and retesting intervals can range from […]

Busting the Myths

Here is a great article from envirofluid.com to share about “The Myths” in chemicals that you can see in your workplace. It is just right to straighten this myths for the safety and health of all. Knowing how to handle this materials and knowing the real danger they have is very important information that we need. Keeping […]