Safe Work Month Celebration

We celebrate October as the National Safe Work Month, there will be a lot of events from October 1-31, to raise awareness on the importance on maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for workers. It matters not just for workers, but also for business owners to look after the welfare of their employees so they can go home safe to their families. For event schedule visit this link.

This event will be holding breakfast forums across Queensland this whole month of October, Business leaders and health and safety professionals are invited to attend the event. The program will cover topics about leadership, culture and return on investment, the event speaker is Paul Spinks and journalist, author and commentator Madonna King.

The Queensland government is making every effort to ensure Queensland businesses are the safest place to work and it is not just their duty but it is the duty of every business owners to make sure they comply with the law and maintain the safety and health of their workers. This event will teach us more about Workplace Health and Safety. Also this month, the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards ceremony will be held on October 18th. Present on the event is Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke, to join the participants in recognising and celebrating the organizations and individuals who make the best initiatives on work health and safety and rehabilitation programs.

Aside from the community breakfast and the awards ceremony, a conference will also be held on October 19th.  This is the Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference.

The event will focus on safety and return to work leadership and culture in the workplace. Attended by the experts and industry leaders on safety and rehabilitation.

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