The Running Man

Effective January 2016, Standards Australia has implemented new building regulations for emergency exit lightning. On the new regulation it is a requirement to include installation of a new test switch when an existing emergency/exit light is being repaired by an electrician, this is in accordance to AS2293.1

AS 2293 Emergency Lightning for Buildings

Part 1: System design, Installation and Operation

Part 2: Inspection and Maintenance

Part 3: Emergency escape luminaries and exit signs


The objective of this series of Standards is to provide all those associated with the design, construction, installation, certification and maintenance of all the individual components of an emergency escape lightning. The principal reason for this edition 2293.1 is to specify installation requirements for exit signs employing internationally accepted pictographs instead of the previously used word “EXIT”.

Installation of the pictographs are now implemented in corporate office and other business buildings, compliance to this new standard is observed and audited by the government.