What should we learn from the Swickers Factory Fire?

Photo credit to 7 news brisbane

November 6, 2016 at 7:45 am the iconic bacon factory Swickers in Kingaroy, Queensland blazed on fire. Sunday morning black smoke is seen coming out of the factory, emergency services we’re called and police advised resident to stay inside their homes and close their windows to avoid inhaling toxic chemical from the factory. The fire is under control several hours after the fire broke out.

The fire destroyed the factory’s boning room while leaving the other areas undamaged. Swickers factory have almost 600 employees and looking to hire more this coming holiday season. The management is looking forward to resume operation in a week for the undamaged areas. This is the busiest season for the factory leading to Christmas. Swickers Factory employees and families worries about their job, the company has given assistance to them.

Swickers is the biggest meat manufacturing in Queensland operating for over 50 years and it is also the biggest employer in South Burnett. It also serves local farmers/meat wholesalers who deliver the goods for the factory products. The factory is looking forward to continue on serving the local meat producers and to be back on production as soon as possible to avoid overcrowding.

We all know what happened, what started the fire so that safety officials can take steps to avoid such destruction. In the life of the employees and farmers and provide necessary steps to prevent this again from happening.